Some of the most common questions we get asked here at Presto Website Design involve pricing and fees. In this blog post I wanted to break down why we charge 50% upfront for any website design gig that we receive. I will be explaining exactly why we do this - and why you should too if your business falls under a service-based industry.

Service Based Business & Time

Website design is a service based business. Any time we take on a website design project we are going to be investing a ton of time, effort, expertise, and design skills into your project. It is important to keep in mind that you are choosing to hire an expert. 

Random people cannot just do website design properly. It takes years of the acquisition of skills, specialized knowledge, creative thinking, and design experience to be able to masterfully build top quality websites. There is a reason you are hiring someone to design your website and why you are not doing it yourself.

When you hire a website designer you are paying them for their time, just like any other service based business. Website designers can not just pull a website out of a hat. Solid website design projects take countless hours of research, drafting, building, designing, tweaking, optimizing, and testing. 

That is why companies choose to hire a website designer in the first place. They want to make sure that their brand is being represented online in the best possible light. They want to appear relevant, bigger than life, and most importantly: they want their prospective clients to choose to do business with them after visiting their website.

Ok...But Can’t We Just Trust You?

Unfortunately, no! This is the real world. We have been badly taken advantage of before, and most likely you have too in your business. While most (99% of people) are good, honest, fantastic clients, we have encountered the not so great ones. This is true of any business or industry.

We have been ripped off by the most innocent looking of beings. (Little old ladies; but more on that story another time…) We have had clients that told us they would pay only to transfer the website to their hosting and never hear from them again.

It has become customary for most service based businesses to take a 50% deposit upfront, and is more normal than you think. We have to take every precaution we can when dealing with first time customers. Just like how you don’t know us, we also don’t know you.

Proper Invoicing & Our Reputation

We give all of our customers a receipt/invoice that make a deposit. Our invoices have our company name, address, phone number, and contain the information of Gabriel (the business owner.) We make it clear that we are not out to rip anyone off. 

You can check out our reviews on Google (as of writing this blog post we are at over 56 5-star reviews!) Our customers love us and we strive to be the best website design agency to work with in Buffalo. We also have a Portfolio page you can check out on our website as well to see the past work we have done for some of our clients.

Why 50%...?

You have to remember that we are about to charge head-in to a project that is going to take up a significant amount of time. We are still a business, and we need to pay to keep the lights on and to feed ourselves. (Homeless website designers won’t do you any good…) Most projects take up a good portion of our entire week.

We build websites that work and that are responsive, and doing website design right takes time just like anything else in life.

50% allows us to spend the time we need to invest on your website without interruptions. Sometimes we will need to invest an amount of those funds back into our customer’s website. For example, we may purchase a WordPress theme to modify or some premium plugins that we feel could truly make your website top notch.

Objections Mean Not A Good Fit

If you have objections to us charging 50% upfront and refuse to do business with us unless we let you pay after the website is done, you are just not a good fit for us as a client. We understand that we are not a good fit for everyone that comes to our door. We turn down many clients that we foresee having problems working with in one way or another.

We also don’t compromise on price. There is a reason why we do not position ourselves as the cheapest website design agency in Buffalo. You get what you pay for after all. It is important to understand that we do charge a reasonable amount for the work that we do. We don’t just slap together crappy websites; we are truly proud of the websites we build and we like showing off the websites of our customers in our portfolio.


At the end of the day most website design agencies charge 50% upfront. It is becoming the norm and it should be in any service based industry - not just website design. We filter our clients out as an established business here in Buffalo, and there are just certain types of clients we don’t do business with.

Most legitimate companies have no problem paying us 50% upfront for a website design, and we are perfectly willing to work with those that do. 

We believe in our products (the websites) and we understand the importance of having a solid website design. Remember that your website is essentially the digital version of your business in a nutshell, and you don’t want to cheap out or slack off on that!

I hope this blog post has helped you understand why we base our pricing how we do. 

Have a question? Feel free to give us a call today and see how we can help your business.

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