Running an e-commerce website can have a lot of moving parts. Having a solid strategy and game plan in place can be necessarily to ensure your online store is a success versus a failure. Here at Presto Website Design, the creative website design agency in Buffalo, we have vast experience in building successful e-commerce websites for our clients.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about some of the best e-commerce marketing strategies this year that you need to be implementing in your business.

Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

When dealing with e-commerce SEO, there are many things you have to do to gain a solid ranking. I’m going to list some of what we’ve seen here at Presto Website Design to be the most important elements to increase your search engine rank.

  1. Keyword Research – Starting off with one of the first steps you should take with any good solid SEO campaign, keyword research is vital to determining what keywords you want to choose to attempt to rank for. Using tools like the Google Keyword Planner can allow you to gain vital data about historical metrics including past search volume on a “per keyword” basis. If a keyword has a huge amount of competition, it may be best to target a different keyword with low to medium competition instead. Try to find a good balance in the middle of low to medium competition and a high enough number of search traffic to make it worth your while. After you’ve done some research, you should then create a word document or excel spreadsheet detailing the keywords you have decided to target along with the metrics for each one.
  2. Link Building – Next we need to show Google your e-commerce website is authoritative enough and deserving of a high ranking by having various other websites point to yours. This is achieved through high DA (Domain Authority) backlink creation. Tools you can utilize for this step include SEMRush, Whitespark’s Citation Research Tool, and Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker. These tools will enable you to see who the big players in your space have linking to them, to give you insight on the kind of websites you should be building backlinks to. It is important to avoid posting spammy content or blog posts on the web, and your focus should be on creating high quality content and reaching out to these websites and offering to write a solid, informative blog post for example, in exchange for linking to you.
  3. On-site SEO Optimization – Besides getting other websites to link to you, you need to make sure your own site is in order as well. Doing things like installing the Yoast SEO Plugin if you are using WordPress can make trying to rank a whole lot easier. Mix that in with optimizing your keywords in your meta tags, setting a focus keyword in the Yoast SEO settings for each page and post on your website, making sure the keywords you are trying to rank for appear in your page/post content, and using a responsive design are all important on-page factors you need to make sure you have in check.
  4. Content Creation – You need to be creating high quality content that benefits your target audience in some way. Examples include informative blog posts, YouTube videos, and publishing said content across your social media pages or profiles. Make sure to research what types of content the big players in your niche/industry are publishing, and model after them. Important Note: Do not copy or plagiarize your content! Google will find out, and it will not end up good for your search engine ranking. Take the time to write original content, and trust me – you will be properly rewarded for doing so. We offer content creation services for our website design clients here at Presto Website Design, in Buffalo.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns

If you are using PPC instead of SEO to promote your business your focus should be in different areas. Having run a website design agency in Buffalo for as long as I have, from my professional experience I can tell you sometimes it is a good idea to have a mix of both PPC and SEO campaigns.

Before you even start a campaign, you need to be doing proper research and create a strategic game plan on exactly what your goal is, what your campaign will entail, and your budget. Your PPC campaign should be 100% goal-oriented! I can not stress how important this is if you are going to be spending money on advertising.

You need to ensure your ad copy is high quality and will convert customers, and the video or imagery you are using should be appealing as well and actually go along well with the content you are trying to promote.

As you run your campaign, make sure you are gathering analytics and data. Your campaign should be improving over the course of its run so you lower your cost per click and raise the number of purchases or conversions you are achieving.

Make sure you are properly educated and have done your research before diving head first into a PPC campaign - or you could end up losing a lot of money without seeing a lot of results.

Social Media

You need to be engaging with your customers on social media. We typically recommend to our clients that they should be posting 1-5 times per week on Facebook, and 3-5 times per day on Twitter. One great method you can use is to share your blog posts once you publish them on your social media pages. You can sell this to your clients as a benefit they get for following you and staying engaged. Along with sharing content, you should also be posting deals or coupons for various event days your business has. Customers love feeling like they are getting a deal, and people go crazy for coupons. WooCommerce and Shopify both have built-in coupon creation options that make it super easy to create coupons that customers can use on your website.

You can utilize a graphic design tool like Canva to create high quality coupon advertisements to post to your social media pages with ease. Taking pictures of your workspace or store and posting them to social media is also a great idea. Customers like seeing the atmosphere and inside of the business they will be going to. Recently, the trend of introducing their new team members on social media has been shown to been higher engagement posts for our clients. Sharing popular content related to your industry can also be a good way to engage with your customers.

You also need to make sure you are putting links to your social media pages in the footer of your website. When we design a website for our clients here in Buffalo, we make sure to implement links to all of their social media profiles on their websites.

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