WordPress Website Design Service In Buffalo NY

One of the different types of website design we offer here at Presto Website Design is WordPress Website Design. WordPress is one of the best foundational website systems that over 30 percent of websites on the internet today use. WordPress is a far better option than HTML websites in our professional opinion. Our agency has built the most amount of websites with WordPress. We have almost a decade of experience building websites and digital platforms with WordPress.

WordPress is great because it makes content publication easy. One of the many reasons we prefer to use WordPress is because it makes it easy for our clients to be able to log into their website after the design is complete and edit or publish their own changes with relative ease.

WordPress websites are built to be very secure. WordPress has some of the best security options out of most website CMS systems and tools.

If you would like to see examples of WordPress websites we have built here at Presto Website Design, check out our portfolio page on our website. We label which sites are built with what tool or system on each page. We can provide you a quote as long as have enough information about your project to give you an accurate estimate.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress is one of the best content management systems (CMS) you can use. WordPress has a ton of SEO functionality and features built in, as well as hundreds of thousands of plugins you can choose from to give your site that extra optimization and boost it needs to rank #1 in Google. WordPress can be utilized to build an ecommerce website when paired with WooCommerce, one of the most famous plugins for WordPress. We do offer ecommerce website designs. Speak to one of our representatives today to see how we can help you with our ecommerce solutions.

WordPress is one of the best systems to use to build modern websites. The functionality, power, support of hundreds of thousands of plugins, and ease of use makes WordPress our number one preferred system we utilize as an agency to build websites for clients. WordPress also uses fantastic code under the hood to make sure most websites built with it are mobile responsive and optimized. WordPress websites do a lot of the heavy lifting and hard work for you. Ready to get a WordPress website designed for your business? Contact us today to get started!

Our WordPress Website Design Process In Buffalo NY

Our WordPress website design process is very similar to our main process. We work diligently to ensure our website design process is one of the best in the industry. We are constantly checking on the latest industry trends. We think outside the box and take a creative approach to the website design process. We build your website by analyzing some of the largest successful players in your industry. We take a look at and analyze businesses in some of the biggest cities in the most competitive areas. If a business is in your industry and they have over 100 competitors locally and are ranking, it is not a coincidence! We try to make our process as easy as possible for our clients.

1. Industry Research & Analysis

This is the first phase of the development process. We start by taking a look at some of the biggest businesses in your industry in cities such as New York. We analyze and compile a list of websites between the top 10-15 largest cities in the U.S. We then compare the websites to find similarities, and note down all similarities when it comes to website structure, WordPress themes, plugins, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more. 

We also want to check on the mobile responsive optimization of these sites too. We then take the things we have found to base the foundation and use them as building blocks for your website. While we do look at competitors in Buffalo, we want to ensure we are modeling the best of the best to ensure we outrank your local competitors and that your website will work flawlessly. Sometimes trouble can begin to start brewing when your competitors see you outrank them so we will work hard to make sure your website is iron solid with optimization. We want your customers to have the best experience possible on your website so they contact you and buy instead of bouncing off of your site. 

When we were working on phase 1 for a dental client of ours we noticed all of their competitors had a very unique graphic element on their home pages both we and the client did not think to implement. Analysis is super important. The ones that are ranking #1 in Google are not just there because of coincidence. We were able to get our dental client ranked #1 in Google in just one month by modeling what big players in their industry were doing.

2. Initial Website Building

This is the phase in the development process where we begin to actually build your website. We model the successful player websites in your industry when doing so. We will build out each individual page and begin implementing premium design elements to make your site stunning and stellar. We will adjust things like the font to make sure text on your website is easily read. We want your website to blow your local competitors out of the water – there should be no comparison to your customers that you are the better option for them! Your website should also follow the latest design trends to stand out as modern and relevant to your customers.

That is always our goal as a website design agency. We will add a contact form (with both phone and email contact methods), a contact page, about page, services page, etc. during this phase. If preferred, we will create a team section with pictures and bios for your staff on your website. Customers like seeing who they are buying from our meeting, and this is a great way to instantly build trust with your clients. You want your brand to stand out as the best option for your potential customers.

3. Revisions Phase

This is the longest part of the process and involves the most work. During this phase we adjust, edit, and add content you would like us to add. We utilize several tools to ensure the content we are creating is of the highest quality possible. We add custom images that you have, we add the correct information we may need from you, we implement links to your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, etc. This is the most important communication heavy phase in the development process. 

This is where communication with you is key and we will need to stay in touch with prompt replies during the revisions process. We need you to put your creative thinking cap on and decide what additional media you would like us to add to your website like graphics or YouTube videos for example. You need to let us know how you want the text on your website to read. If you are a local client, we may have to meet with you in person in Buffalo NY to touch base occasionally during this phase. (Although phone communication makes the development and design process faster.) We also ensure your website is responsive and mobile optimized during this phase.

If you have testimonials you would like us to implement onto your website this is when we will need those from you. Having reviews and testimonials on your website can lead to more calls and purchases. Showcasing social proof is very important for online shoppers.

4. Final Website Publishing & Migration To Hosting

This is it! Your brand new site is ready to go live! At the end of this phase users will be able to go online and view your new website. During this phase, we will transfer your website to your hosting and take final payment for the project. We also sign off on project completion here. 

We also implement an HTTPS/SSL certificate to ensure your website is secure along with other working security solutions. Not only does Google like this (they have openly stated that having a secure site can boost your rankings!) but having a secure site makes customers and online users feel more comfortable and lead to more purchases or calls to your phone.

Afterwards, we usually sit down and write a 500 word or 1,000 word blog post with our clients to get some quality content on the website. We then optimize the blog post with on-page optimization to get the site to start ranking on Google. 

After this phase we discuss possible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service depending on what your needs are as a client of ours. If you offer local services and need to show up or be featured in local search, SEO is probably a good fit for you. Having an online presence in multiple places is always the best strategy to getting exposure online.

Once your website is live we always request permission to use your website in our portfolio. We are very passionate and proud of what we do and we love to show off your website!

After this phase as an optional service upgrade/upsell option we also will teach you how to edit or update your website on your own and how to post to your blog on your website. We can create a user account for every team member or person you would like us to so they have access to the backend of your website. Posting to your blog is one of the best things you can do to engage with your audience and customers. We designed a website for a brewing company in NY that went right to the top of being featured on page 1 in Google by having a blog and implemented what we were teaching them! This is a fantastic training experience for your team that will save you a ton of money in the long run.

We also offer additional support after the website is designed if you would like us to do your website edits as well as monthly backups, WordPress update handling, and management. These plans can vary on pricing and features depending on what your needs are for our support in the long term. 

Ready To Get Started?

Contact our website design agency today for a free consultation to see how much it would cost to get you a WordPress website designed for your company. We can offer a quote over email or the phone as long as we have enough information about what your needs are for your project.

Depending on your industry, services offered, online presence desired, and your website requirements, pricing may vary. For example, a WordPress ecommerce site will take more time for development and thus cost more versus a basic small business website. If you just want to have a website targeted towards local small business owners in Buffalo, a website like that might be cheaper versus a website that is a nationwide/online specific website.

We also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, digital marketing, social media management (we offer this service for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and other forms of website design and development in Buffalo NY. We also offer educational services to teach your team how to edit your website as well as marketing strategy consultations to make you aware of the best way to advertise your business.