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We offer the best responsive website design here at the Presto Website Design agency. We build all of our websites so they are responsive. Responsive website design (also commonly referred to as RWD) involves implementing a system to react to the size of the device the user is using to view your site automatically from the moment they land on your webpage. This means that the site works on all devices (mobile, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) Responsive website design is also referred to as mobile optimized website design.

Contact us today to get a professional, stunning, and beautiful responsive WordPress website designed for your small business at a reasonable price! We are the best creative website design agency in town, and we have a proven track record of generating positive results for our clients.

The Statistics & The Real Deal

You want to be fast on your feet and stay ahead of the competition. The world is constantly changing. You need to do what will currently work and separate you from the competition. Did you know that according to TechCrunch, 44% of Fortune 500 companies currently do not have mobile-optimized websites? That’s absolutely crazy considering we are living in modern times! And for small businesses, it’s even worse! This is super important, especially if you have a big website like an ecommerce site.

According to Statistica, approximately 50% of traffic on the web is made up of mobile devices. Do you really want to be missing out on or decreasing your chances of converting half of the potential visitors that land on your website…? That’s a no brainer in our books! Make sure to hire website designers that keep up with the trends and what will help you rank in Google! More importantly, you need to make sure you are meeting the needs of your website visitors.

Responsive Website Design Is Important To SEO & Google Ranking

Google takes website responsiveness into account when they are choosing who gets ranked high first. Following fresh best practices ensures your website will do great in Google’s search engine. You want your customers to be able to easily navigate your website and want to provide an amazing experience for them while they are visiting it. That is what leads customers to want to purchase your product or service.

Google is huge on what they call “user experience signals and social signals”. They use AI and machine learning that can learn from how users interact with different websites. Your website should be friendly to use. If they see that users are rapidly bouncing off of your website, you will not do well when it comes to SEO and your search engine ranking. Other online search engines like Yahoo & Bing also are starting to really prioritize user experience signals and social signals as well. Your business needs to keep up with the current world trends.

We had a dental client that was having trouble ranking for the keywords he had selected. Through responsive website design, we were able to quickly rank him #1 on Google within a month. That dental client has now expanded to two offices and has been able to hire additional team members to scale his business thanks to his Google ranking. We also had a italian restaurant we did SEO service for, and a huge part of getting that restaurant ranked was making sure their website was mobile optimized/responsive. 

We are very thorough in ensuring every website we design looks great on all devices. We use several tools during the website design process to test your website and see how it would look on different screen sizes, platforms, web browsers, etc. We are very good at playing within Google’s sandbox/system the custom way they want you to following their criteria and quality guidelines. We have ranked countless clients in the number one position on Google for the keywords of their choice by implementing the factors and things Google wants you to.

Our professional responsive website design process is one of the best in the industry, and in Buffalo NY. Other website design businesses forget to implement responsiveness in their designs. We don’t believe in lackluster process. We design all of our website to the best they can possibly be. We want your website to be beautiful and blow the customer away with how professional it is.

To see our full website design process, check out our general website design page. We recommend that our clients (or their staff/team) experience and test their brand new websites on both their computer and their smartphone when we are done with the design. We adjust the sites and digital properties we build to be easy to navigate on multiple devices. No matter what device your customer is using, your website should work, have a digital presence, and fulfill their needs.

Having A Responsive Website Design Is Best Practice

We implement various custom differences depending on the device type. For example, a big menu at the top on a computer must be condensed for mobile view on smaller devices like smartphones. We use the industry standard of hamburger menus for mobile devices.

A hamburger menu (for those who don’t know) is a menu that drops down by tapping on an icon with three lines on it. You will see this on a ton of websites, and users are beginning to recognize it as “the menu icon” on smartphones by default. Customers know to tap the icon to see a list of your services on your site menu. People also know to tap this icon to get to your blog.

Images, text, menus, your logo, graphic media, and various other things/website content and elements on responsive websites automatically resize depending on the user’s device, screen size, and selected screen resolution. This is done using CSS and coding behind the scenes of your website. WordPress makes this especially easy to do.

Pay attention to how large websites like Facebook and YouTube are responsive next time you go to browse one of them on your smartphone or computer. Notice the difference in webpage size on different devices. Sites like Facebook will automatically resize depending on what device you are on.

Show Your Customers You Are The Company For Them

You want your website to be fresh, modern, high quality, working, and to follow the latest website design trends. This is vital when you are building a brand. Users should be able to identify that you are “in with the times” by glancing at your website. So many companies look like they time travelled straight out of the 90s by the way their websites look! That leads the customer to think their products and services are also out of the 90s. Make sure to hire website designers that understand the latest design trends.

Show your customers not only that you are super professional, but you understand them and are here to make their life easy by having a responsive, better mobile optimized website that is easy to navigate. Users shouldn’t have to grab both of their fingers and try to zoom in on small elements just to be able to navigate the services, about us, or blog pages on your website (that’s a lot of work!)

Make Your Life Easy – You Already Have Enough To Do

The average website that is responsive is easier to maintain as well. Most businesses don’t have a lot of time to spend updating their website. Proper responsive design that is set up the right way in the backend of your website automatically adjusts images, text, graphic media, your logo, the content you create, post, or upload, etc. to show up highly optimized for every device that customers use to view it.

This makes your life so much easier as a business owner and sets you apart from your competitors in the eyes of your customer. If you have the best website in Buffalo, it truly speaks to your reputation and competence as a company.

You want to appear as relevant and amazing as possible to the customer in Buffalo NY on all digital platforms and mediums. Your digital presence should speak to the reputation of your brand and services. That is proper marketing in modern times. You should also make sure you are capturing customer reviews on both Google My Business and on your website. Reviews are great social proof that make your potential customers feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

When they type in the service or product they are looking for, you need to show up for not just that search query, but as many of your products or services as possible. Your potential customer should feel the urge to contact your business before the competition. Your logo and branding should also show up in all possible places online.

Google should see that you are the better choice versus all the other businesses trying to quickly rank high for that specific keyword. (That is working SEO.) You also want people to like your website. If users like your website, there is a higher percent chance that they may bookmark your site and return to it at a later date. This is called remarketing, or more specifically lead recovery.

You also save a lot of money by having a custom responsive/mobile optimized website as well. You don’t have to invest in a seperate website design for mobile devices (which is what people used to do before responsive website design became a real thing.) Good responsive design/development works across all pages of your website – even your blog!

Mobile responsive/highly optimized website design/development also allows for easy analytics and tracking of customer data and user behavior on your website across all devices. Analytics and data are huge in marketing, and you want to make sure you have a good grasp on exactly who your customers are. Understanding your customers can lead to huge revenue increases for your company. With that being said, you don’t want to waste time trying to play a guessing game with what demographics are actually your customers versus pointless leads. In business, time is money and proper time management is key.

Google actually has a free tool you can use to check if your current website is mobile optimized. Head on over to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool and plug your website URL in to see if you pass the test. If not, you may want to consider getting a redesign done for your website.

To see our website design & development process, and how we work with our clients and their hosting, check out our general website design page to learn more. We take every project we work on seriously.

For website hosting we recommend GoDaddy and HostGator. They are affordable and have some of the best uptime in the industry. Your data is never lost with them and even if you delete something, their staff utilizes recovery mediums to ensure your data is safe. They also both offer award-winning support for their customers. This is support you can speak to over the phone or through live chat.

Ready To Get Started With A Responsive Website?

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We also provide and offer additional services/solutions as well such as digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) management, social media management, WordPress website design, eCommerce website design/development, and more.