Social Media Management In Buffalo NY

Presto Website Design offers affordable social media management services in Buffalo NY. We will increase your following on social media, improve engagement with your followers, convert your followers into website traffic (and later buyers), and increase your inbound phone calls and leads utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

We sit down and develop a custom content strategy with you for social media marketing. We will analyze big players in your niche or industry in big cities such as NY, and determine what type of content they post, how frequently they post, and what their traffic generation strategies look like. We want to ensure social media management would generate enough leads to have it be worth your while. We will then implement the same into your business.

This strategy has never failed us or our clients, and we have a proven track record of providing excellent solutions when it comes to social media management here in Buffalo NY. We have vast experience in using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get our clients more traffic.

One of the most common mistakes we see people make here at Presto Website Design is approach social media artificially. You need to be genuine and establish a real connection with your followers on social media. You also need to treat them like your family and friends and talk to them the same way. You cannot be robot-like and dull – nobody wants to watch or engage with a post like that! Treat social media like real life social networks or networking events with customers.

You need to make sure your business has a digital presence on all platforms where your potential customers congregate. You don’t want to be missing out on potential traffic to your website or calls to your phone!

One of the best social media strategies is to post to your blog on your website, then share links to that blog post on all social media pages and profiles. This drives more traffic to your website and engages people immediately with high quality content. You want to be seen as the authority in your space by your potential customers and clients.

If you want to grow your business fast, drive more traffic to your website, and scale, using social media is a necessity for your company. Even if it gets you four new clients a month it can be massively worth it. Reputable, established companies all have well set up social media profiles, and customers are used to seeing this. You do not want to be the oddball out that is like a ghost online. You need to be showing up where your customers are looking for you.

Having social media profiles on all major websites leads customers to trust you more. You want to establish as much positive reputation around your business as possible. Pay attention to big companies like Target. They have a huge reputation and everyone knows who they are. That is key in building brand awareness! What they are doing clearly works. In business you have to model those who are successful. If they have found something that will work, you need to be implementing that same strategy.

You can also collect reviews on social media platforms as well. This helps build trust and credibility for your business. We suggest handing out “Leave A Review” sheets for both your Google My Business listing and social media sites as well. Facebook reviews showcase that your business is well-known and well liked in the local area.

Having active social media profiles and pages is an important signal to Google that can help your website rank higher. It shows Google your business is good enough that people are engaging with your content, and Google views your site as more of an authority in your industry (which is what you want to happen to rank number one on Google and drive organic traffic.)

Think of social media as having an email list or an autoresponder campaign. You can continuously promote messages, sales, new product offerings, and more to customers for free. Social media is one of the most underappreciated assets for small businesses. 

You want to encourage customers to follow you on social media. You should have printouts or hand outs you can give to customers with links to your different profiles and pages and your business name, information, branding, logo, etc. These should have a call to action to like or follow you on each major social media platform. You need to build up your following with previous/existing customers. So many business owners miss this and it’s huge! You should also be building up an email list, but that is a talk for another day.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get asked often along with answers to said questions.

1. Should my business be listed on all social media platforms? Yes, it should be! More exposure of your business name is never a bad thing. You want to show up on every possible platform where you have the potential for contact from customers. When customers do a search for your business on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, it should work in your favor and you should show up just like how you want to rank number one in Google.

2. What would you post on my pages/profiles? We post various different types of content. Primarily our goal is to get your audience engaged with your business or brand on these virtual social networks. We also don’t want to appear spammy. Things like blog posts, quotes, funny memes or pictures, videos, and what you or your team is up to is the primary type of content we would be posting. We also post when you are offering new products or services. Customers like feeling like they are apart of the newest thing or trend.

Every 4th or 5th post would be a promotion or sales post. Your followers aren’t following you to just get spammed with offers after all. They want high quality content or insight into what is going on with your company or business. You need to fulfill this desire in a professional manner.

Remember your goal is engagement, then contact from customers. There needs to be give and take on social media when it comes to your business and clients.

3. Will you set up my social media pages? Yes, we will set up a profile or page for you on all major social media platforms. We will add your logo, branding, and miscellaneous business information on each platform. We will also post to all platforms on your behalf if you choose to sign up for our social media management service.

4. What kind of return can I expect if I invest in your social media service? It depends on your industry, what types of customers you primarily target, and other various factors as well. It can be hard to track if a social media campaign is resulting in more sales. We suggest implementing Google Analytics on your website if you have not already to track how many visitors are coming in from social media sources and websites.

5. What platform has the most users? Facebook has the most users at 2.5 billion. Twitter is second with 330 million users, followed by LinkedIn with 310 million.

6. What platform is the most important for my business? This depends on your industry and who your primary customers are. What I can tell you is that the most amount of people (regardless of various age groupings) are on Facebook.

7. Is YouTube a social media platform? Yes, YouTube is technically considered a social media platform. With that being said, our social media management plan does not include YouTube. YouTube and video marketing is its own beast – which requires its own time, energy, resources, and investment to properly get going.

Ready to get started with our social media management service?

Contact us today to get started. We can sit down and have a free consultation with you to further discuss how social media marketing can help your company. We also offer digital marketing services, website design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay Per Click (PPC) management, and more.