Search Engine Optimization Service In Buffalo NY

Here at Presto Website Design we offer the best Search Engine Optimization service in Buffalo NY. We get our customers ranked on search engines like Google locally. We have a 99% success rate of getting our clients in the top 3 positions in Google. We build websites that rank our clients as well. Our constant repeated success is what has set us apart as the best SEO agency in Buffalo. We have almost a decade of experience in digital marketing and advertising.

We are oriented on positive results for each customer we have. We understand SEO is a major investment, like any other digital marketing service businesses invest in. Our first priority is making sure the businesses we work with get the reputation and exposure they deserve online. We are passionate about SEO and getting your company name found in the search results online. Contact us today for a free consultation on SEO service for your business.

The internet has changed everything for businesses, and if you are not visible online you are losing out on a ton of potential customers and organic traffic to your website or store. You need to appear online and customers need to see your message along with what products and services you offer if you want your phone to ring. You need to show customers you are the better option for your product or service versus the competition. It is vital you show up where people are searching for you.

You also need to have high quality media such as images, videos, and other content on your website for every customer to see. We can design and provide things like media for you as part of our service. We produce some of the best content on the web!

Social media is only one outlet, and most customers do not go to websites like Facebook to find a local pizza place, for example. Think about it for a second. Where do you go when you want to find a new restaurant to eat? Do you go to Facebook and type in “pizza place” into the search bar? No. You go to search engines like Google and type in something along the lines of “pizza near me”. The way the consumer finds businesses has changed, and you need to adapt and evolve as a business or you are really missing out (and most likely you will fail.) Your brand name should show up everywhere it possibly can online.

It is important to understand how great the internet can be for your business. Don’t avoid it or ignore it because it intimidates you or you don’t understand how online marketing and advertising works! While you may not understand it, modern consumers do! Being incompitent with how consumers find businesses will cost you a lot in the long run! You should view a service like SEO as the proper investment to grow your business. Digital marketing can really pay off in the long run.

Hire an expert or local agency with a proven track record and lots of experience when it comes to getting businesses found online like Presto. The right people make or break the job. You need to have someone in your corner or be a part of your team that can provide proper SEO service. You want your phone to be ringing with new customers who found you on Google through organic searches. It is the best feeling to know your phone is going to ring every day on its own once you are ranked. Also make sure to have a long-term plan to utilize SEO to its maximum potential, for example collecting the emails of customers to build up an email list is a crucial strategy that most online businesses completely skip over or miss.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process In Buffalo

Our SEO process is based on years and years of experience and proven digital rankings for our previous clients. We approach Search Engine Optimization “out of the box”, meaning we have a unique approach that your competitors don’t (unfortunately for them!) Only our clients have access to our superior SEO process as it is unique to just us. Our strategy is full of our top secret tricks and techniques we have mastered over the years to get your business maximum visibility online both in search engines and on listings. This is one of the reasons why our SEO is some of the most masterful out of any other agency you will find. We may create media for your business depending on what your needs are to get ranked in Google.

1. Industry Ranking Reconnaissance

This is where the research begins. We look at the businesses ranking number one in some of the most competitive industries imaginable in large cities (for example New York) where there is more competition. We analyze these sites that are ranking first in the search results to see what is the common factor amongst the majority of them. We also take into account any competitors that are ranking first in the same local area as you (although the companies in larger cities like New York have more hardcore competition so their outranking forumla is more powerful and valuable to us.) Your competitors if you are in Buffalo NY do some of the same things these big companies in huge cities use.

We also pay attention to what keywords these sites and pages are using, as well as the keyword density (the number of times they use the keywords and where) is on their websites. We also pay attention to any design similarities between the different websites. Even though our main focus is SEO, we do look at their other marketing channels as well to definitively determine if their other channels are affecting their SEO. If they are, we help you implement those as well. Our ultimate goal is to utilize the internet and companies like Google to get you found. We want new customers to be able to contact you easily and your phone to start ringing!

Occasionally we will look at their social media presence and postings, but 99% of the time that is not necessary.

2. Planning Stage

The whole team here at Presto Website Design then sits down and formulate the ultimate expert SEO strategy to get your business ranked. 9 times out of 10 we don’t even need to do everything those sites are doing, just some of the right stuff to get you ahead of your competitors. That’s the great thing (especially if your competitors have done little to no proper SEO for their website and listings.) Your competition won’t see what hit them from a mile away! One of the biggest mistakes we have seen local competitors of our clients make is that they underestimate the value of SEO! They either don’t invest in SEO at all, or they just undervalue the importance of ranking in Google which easily and automatically allows you to outrank them.

3. Execution Stage

We begin implementing the same strategies the companies ranking #1 on Google for your specified keywords are using for your company. We will optimize your website with on-page optimization, following the same site structure the best players in the industry have. We will make sure your site is like gold to Google. We then proceed to work on off-page optimization for your website, doing things like link building and outreach campaigns to get you the maximum exposure possible. 

We also make sure your website has a blog page (this is crucial to rankings in Google nowadays) and produce high quality content for your business or brand. Not only will this get you more engagement with your customers, but having a blog also tells Google you are an authority in your industry if you are constantly posting articles about topics related to what you do. You need to show your customers you know what you are talking about, that you aren’t full of it. Show them you are the authority in your perspective industry or field. Your customers need to be able to get in contact with and understand your message; they need to see you are the better choice for them.

We utilize some of the best tools in the SEO field to push your rankings up as high as possible in the shortest amount of time. We use tools you may have heard of like Yoast SEO plugin, Moz, AHrefs, Majestic, KWFinder, and more.

We will also produce high quality and visually stunning media for your company on your blog and website. Google likes seeing high quality images on websites. We build out all sorts of elements across a ton of digital platforms to get the search engines to start really liking you and your website. You really want to aim for max visibility across as many different websites as possible.

Reviews are a huge part of local SEO as well. We will make sure to provide you with some of the best resources to get customers to easily and automatically leave you constant reviews on your business pages and listings. Reputation is important and customers research businesses before they call.

This is where your marketing will really start to take off! By the end of the first or second month, you should start seeing an increase in inflow of customers to your business.

4. Assessment Stage

At this stage we take a step back and assess how our SEO and marketing services have performed. We will look at Google Search Console and Google Analytics to measure your ranking position, impressions, and clicks from before we started up to this point. We really focus, take a deep breath, and dig deep into the data at this point. We make sure our efforts are getting you the results you and we both want you to obtain for your company or brand.

Depending on what the data indicates, we then make minor or major adjustments to our strategy depending on how well your site and individual web pages are ranking and performing in search engines. Our goal is to enable you to succeed. We want you to rank because we can use it in our portfolio (with your permission, that is.)

How Much We Charge For Search Engine Optimization In Buffalo

We charge a bit less than the average market cost of SEO on a monthly basis. All of our plans are no contract, no obligation meaning we do not force you to sign on for a year or an extended period of time for our service. Depending on how competitive your niche is in the local area (or area you want to get ranked) the price may increase or decrease depending on how we have to adjust our strategies for your needs. On average our SEO service is $500/month. This is reasonable compared to the average price of SEO ($750+) per month. We also take the Buffalo geographical costs into account as well when determining our pricing.

If you are running an ecommerce store it will cost more because we have to rank and optimize every product on your website. Ecommerce SEO is by far more complicated than small business website SEO. That being said, we can still rank you with our usual process and efforts, just be aware it may take longer and cost a tad more if you are an ecommerce store online. Believe me, it will pay off once you see the kind of revenue constant organic traffic produces!

How Long It Takes To Get Ranked In Google

It depends. We are playing in Google’s sandbox, and we unfortunately have no control over what Google does. We can try to build your SEO campaigns as quickly as possible however – that we do have control over along with our killer strategy.

Anyways, back to answering this question. Some clients rank within a month, some take a year to rank. The average amount of time it takes to hit page 1 for some of your keywords is usually 3 months. (Give or take, it depends.) There really is no definitive answer we can give you when it comes to the duration of an SEO campaign.

Will I show up in Yahoo and Bing?

Yes you will! Good SEO will automatically get you ranked in all relevant search engines. Keep in mind Google has by far the most traffic (around 10 times more) than Yahoo and Bing. However, showing up in all search engines is crucial and our service does just that.

Ready To Get Started?

Ready to increase your cash flow and revenue in your business? Contact us today via phone or email for a free consultation to begin getting the traffic you need for your business through Google! We are one of the most affordable SEO agencies in Buffalo NY. We also offer digital marketing and website design services to meet your needs as well.