Project Description

website design buffalo

Project Brief

Father Bill is a catholic priest who needed a website built to share and sell his music online. The client wanted a playful looking website that would be fun yet also achieve the goal of establishing a following for his works of music. He wanted to go with a green theme for the website with some gray undertones. He also wanted to have previews of some of his songs on the website as well.

The Challenge

The challenge for us was getting more playful with the design. We are used to building modern, professional looking websites and we really had to tone it back a notch for this design. We had to find that perfect medium that accumulates both professional and playful. After many revisions and drafts, we finally had an excellent website that met the client’s criteria for what he was trying to do online.

The Final Product

We ended up using a picture of Father Bill playing on the top of the website, and creating a sidebar with an opt-in to our client’s email list, previews of his music, where to purchase his CDs, and digital downloads links to his music on Amazon and other platforms. The main portion of the website is dedicated to general information and a brief “welcome to the website” summary.

A Powerful Website That Met All Design Criteria.

website design buffalo
website design buffalo
website design buffalo

Skills Utilized In This Website Design

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop was utilized for buttons and pictures.

WordPress Design

We built the website using the powerful CMS system WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

We utilized SEO to ensure that our client’s website was easily findable.

Marketplace Integrations

We linked the website to platforms like Amazon and the Apple Store.