Project Description

Project Description

The clients run a graphical design and printing business offering everything from custom decals to vinyl. They wanted a professional website design that really wows their customers with their professionalism right away. They also wanted e-commerce functionality to sell their products online. We built the website aiming to hit those two areas and we delivered. An insanely professional, modern blue and white site with maximum functionality and optimization.

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Skills Utilized

We utilized WordPress, one of the largest CMS platforms for site building as the backbone for the website. We worked with, edited, and resized the images using Adobe Photoshop. We chose to pursue a very modern and clean look and feel for the website. We utilized shades of blue, white, and gray for the colors of the website.

WordPress 98%
Website Design 92%
Graphic Design 96%
Adobe Photoshop 98%

Initial Concept Planning

Our initial concept was to have a basic business website with a Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact pages respectively. We initially envisioned a red and white site design with gray hues.

Drafts & Revisions

During the website design process, we realized white and blue would fit the client’s website design much better than red colors. We began adding more features and functionality to the site as per the client’s request. We also added e-commerce functionality so the client can sell products on their website.

Final Delivery

During the final delivery phase, we also implemented proper SEO practices and Google Analytics was integrated into the website so our client can track and monitor their marketing efforts and customer behavior on their website.

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E-Commerce Functionality

We utilized WooCommerce, one of the largest E-Commerce plugins for WordPress to enable the clients to sell their products on their website instead of eBay, saving them both time and money; they no longer have to pay eBay fees and their independence from relying on eBay to sell products online is a huge win for them.

Powerful SEO Setup

We optimized the website for our clients so they will rank easily for various keywords. We also taught them how to write their own blog posts for optimum marketing results utilizing their brand new website.