Here at Presto Website Design we have a unique process for designing websites for our clients. We are not your typical website design company by any stretch of the imagination. In this blog post I am going to explain what our process is and why we are different from the other website design agencies in Buffalo.

What Most Companies Do

Most companies sit down with the client, ask them questions about what they want their website to look like. They write down notes during the first meeting on things like color, theme, layout, etc. They then build a draft website to show their client. Once the client approves the draft, they then provide them with revisions they would like them to complete on the website. After another round of revisions, they usually take the remaining payment and put the website up for the customer.

Why We Don’t Do What Most Companies Do

We want to be different from the 99%. We don’t follow the same old process everyone uses. Our goal is to become thought leaders in the website design industry. Our process involves focus on something completely different: setting up our clients for success.

Our Website Design Process

We want our clients to have success with their websites. We recognize that spending money on a proper website design is supposed to be an investment into your business. Our goal is to make sure you get that money back in the long run with your brand new website.

The first thing we do is we look at who the industry leaders are in your space. These are companies that are ranking at the top of Google in some of the largest competitive areas (large cities.) We look at who is ranking number one in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. 

We then reverse engineer what similarities there are between their different websites. If there are elements that all these websites share it is not a coincidence they are all ranking number one in their perspective cities.

Once we have what we like to call the “winning factors”, it is now time to plan out your website design. We make note what colors, themes, layouts, SEO optimization, content, etc. that these number one ranking websites all have.

We then work hard to build you a proven-rankable and winning website using these exact same design elements, layouts, optimization, etc. 

After all, there is no point to getting a website designed if it can’t make you more money in your business. Ranking at the top of Google means free traffic (customers) every single month that are being directed to your website.

Why This Process Works So Well

This process has worked wonders for our clients and has never let us down with our customers. Our customers almost always end up ranking on the first page of Google, they get a ton of compliments on their brand new website, and they are blown away at how good their website turns out.

We Want To Set Our Customers Up For Success

Our goal is to build you something that works for you in the long term. Your website should be an asset that makes you more money in your business if you are spending money on getting a professional one built.

Why This Is Our Process

We want to build some absolutely killer websites for our portfolio. We want to be a part of designing websites for companies that go on to be thought leaders in their prospective industries. We want to become the website design to go to for a top level website design service.

What If I Don’t Want That…?

Then we don’t want to work with you. We are not a good fit for everyone, and we recognize that here at Presto Website Design. We don’t take on every client that calls us here in Buffalo. There are many prospects we have turned down because they don’t share the vision that we had in regards to their website.

We prefer to build winning websites, and we do not want to build mediocre websites. All of the sites we build should be good enough to be featured as their own design trends in website design articles or magazines online.

I Don’t Want To Spend An Arm & A Leg!

We absolutely understand. When we start to explain our process to customers they automatically think we charge ridiculous amounts for our services which is not true. 

We charge around the average market rates for website design service. We want to deliver as much value as possible but we also need to get paid for our time as well. We are a real business and we do help our customers make more money with stunning websites and profitable marketing services.

Proper website design requires a lot of time, expertise, and specialized knowledge to perform. We do not nor would we ever want to position ourselves as the cheapest website designs around because we understand that you get what you pay for. 

How Long Does Your Website Design Process Take?

We finish most website design projects within a week. 99% of the time delays are from the client’s end - not ours. Sometimes it takes clients a few days to get back to us with revisions which is understandable. Our goal is to get you up and running with a stellar website within a few weeks of signing on with us.

Want To Become A Client Of Ours?

Give us a call today to see how we can help you. We offer all prospective clients a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for you. We typically take on a total of 5 new clients per month depending on how much time is being invested into the website design projects we are working on.


As you can see we are not your typical website designers. We like to do things the way we do to separate ourselves and be a “breath of fresh air” in the website design space. Our goal is to be the best website designers around for years to come and build a reputation of being as such.

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