One of the common areas we get pushback in here at Presto Website Design is when we mention the word blog. For some reason this word terrifies people. I think business owners are honestly intimidated at the thought of having to write articles to post on their website. Most people we talk to do not understand the importance of a blog and why they should even have one in the first place. In this blog post I am going to break down not only why you need a blog, but why it is one of the most important digital marketing powerhouses you can set up for your business.

The Importance Of Content

It’s all about content marketing, people. Content doesn’t sleep. Just like your website, it is up 24/7. When you utilize and leverage content properly, magical things begin to happen. Did you know that every piece of content (blog post) on your website can rank on its own in Google? Did you know that your content builds trust with your prospects, ultimately turning them into customers

Think about it, prospects want to become educated. Everyone uses Google to do research. You most likely have typed a question into Google about a product or service you were thinking of purchasing in the past month or two. This is a golden opportunity so many business owners undermine.

You can show up while people are asking questions and answer them. By doing so, you are building authority and trust while simultaneously showing them that you are the expert in your field. These people will want to buy from you more than any of your competitors.

This is the key and this is why content is so powerful. Starting to rethink having a blog…?

Content Can Be A Sales Powerhouse

Do you often get hit with exceptions from customers during the sales process…? What if you could automatically explain what you always do to them to make your life easier? This is where good content comes into play.

Content can be a major tool you can use over and over again. The blog posts will pay for themselves in no time (not like it cost anything to create them in the first place…)

One of the blog posts we have published on our blog covers why you should hire a website designer even though tools like Wix exist. Whenever we get an exception from a customer asking about Wix or similar site builders, we simply send them the link to that blog post.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can use content to do all sorts of things. By educating your customer they will want to go to you above any other company in the same space. You can also use your blog to educate customers on products and services to turn them into a more informed buyer. This saves you and your sales team a ton of time during sales meetings and presentations.

Become More Visible

Thanks to content, you can become visible in front of customers you never would have before. As we mentioned earlier in this blog post, each piece of content you create has its own chance of ranking in Google.

Let’s assume each piece of content brings in 5 new visitors a month if your website is brand new. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but then let’s imagine you have 100 pieces of content. All of a sudden you have 500 new visitors every single month. That’s 6,000 new visitors a year on your website!

Then the really cool thing comes in: compounding. Think of it like investing. The more blog posts you have with more traffic coming in to your website, the more of an authority you become in the eyes of Google.

Now instead of each post getting 5 visitors, they might get 25 to even 100 visitors per month. All of a sudden you are at 10,000 visitors a month, or 120,000 visitors a year. Your phone is ringing off the hook and you can’t even handle the influx of new customers calling with cash in hand.

This is the power of content and having a blog with consistent new posts being published weekly. Most people do not understand and undervalue content marketing. They are really missing out!

Okay...But I Don’t Know How To Write!

Nonsense! I just sat here and typed this up off the top of my head. (Yes, really.) Just sit down and type the exact same way you talk to customers. It is not that hard. It sounds overwhelming but once you establish a solid content production schedule everything becomes so much easier.

Start by writing answers to the questions you get asked the most by customers in your business. Write each blog post properly and make sure each one is 1,000 words. You can talk about your services or products, and help customers understand them better.

How Often Should I Publish New Blog Posts…?

Here at Presto Website Design we publish 3 new blog posts every single week. By the end of the year that will equate to approximately 144 blog posts. It is up to you how frequently you post, but the secret here is doing more than what your competitors are willing to do. By posting 3 times a week, you are going to have a lot more content than they do. Some of your competitors most likely don’t even post weekly.

Consistency in content marketing is key. Start getting into a routine and publish content frequently. Each piece of content should only take you a few hours. People don’t realize it only takes around 3-6 hours per week to publish 3 high quality pieces of content.

Can’t I Just Outsource Content Creation…?

Yes but do not do this at all costs! First off, a freelancer is not going to care as much about your content marketing as you are. They also don’t know your industry or your products/services as well as you do. Remember that you want the voice your customers and prospects are reading to be your own. 

Consistent content creation can also become quite expensive if you outsource it. It is free if you do it yourself. Suck it up and do it to grow your business and skyrocket your traffic.


Therefore ladies and gentlemen, as you can see having a blog is one of the most powerful marketing techniques you will ever come across and have the chance to implement in your business. Take advantage of it and you can change your business permanently for the better. Proper content marketing has the power to grow your business by over 100X, and I don’t know any other free marketing method that will allow you to do that. (Well, not any legitimate ones for that matter.)

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